Beverly is best known for using her intuitive, common sense and creative imagery to peel away the layers by tapping into what creates the most dynamic change for you. Her mission is to inspire others to KNOW themselves with courage and dignity.

Beverly’s journey started in South Carolina and has taken her all over the world to Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica and New Mexico. Her tools range from hands-on techniques to verbal processing, to inspired homeopathic remedies. She has co-created her life and dedicated herself to inspiring those with whom she comes in contact with to choose more. More for themselves. More for humanity. More for the future. More for the world as we know it and for what it could be. She embodies the possibilities of what if – What if your potential to be who you really are was within your grasp?  Would you stretch just a little more to reach it?

Her toolbox is filled with various modalities which facilitate easily to being it, feeling it, smelling it and certainly living your dream! These modalities blend neurology, biochemistry, imagery and the restructuring of our DNA to change how we react, respond and behave in the world. Imagine the embodiment of new ways of being that science is now validating what you and I have always known. Beverly works with both the Beta and Theta brain waves to change how you process information. Maya Angelou beautifully captures the potential in all of us when she says, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Would you be willing to use every resource available to you to discover your magnificence? I promise you it is much more fun when you choose to employ that which can and wants to for you.

Academically, Beverly holds numerous awards and certifications which incorporate all areas of human development from mediation, facilitation, restorative justice, to the Society of International Affairs and Export Control.

Beverly’s love of language, words, culture, consciousness and humanity contribute to embodying a new way of life and living that she eagerly shares through her own life experiences and the new ones created when she is invited into your world.

Beverly Clinton- Press Kit